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Improving Historic McDaniel Street Cemetery

Help Implement Phase 1 of our Vision Plan

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$39,294 goal

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We are fundraising to improve historic McDaniel Street Cemetery!

Westcott Cemetery Association was started because we believe that a well-maintained historic cemetery can be an asset to the Eastex-Jensen neighborhood and provide a much-needed passive greenspace in this underserved community. We do this work not only to honor our ancestors who are buried in the cemetery but also out of respect to the surrounding neighborhood.

Our mission is to improve the cemetery so that it can be a place of pride and enjoyment for our neighbors, instead of a dumping ground and site for illegal activities and roaming packs of dogs.

Westcott Cemetery Association ended 2022 with the completion and publication of our draft Vision Plan for historic McDaniel Street Cemetery.

In 2023 we begin implementing the Phase 1 recommendations in our plan. We will

  • remove remaining dead trees and stumps,
  • regrade drainage swale along the northside of the property to remove the high spot in the middle,
  • conduct a boundary survey to establish the City of Houston's right-of-way along McDaniel Street,
  • regrade the drainage swale along McDaniel Street, and
  • fill and grade low spots

We will also reset and repair the rest of the grave markers and purchase and install markers for 32 unmarked graves.

Everyday that we're out in the cemetery working, someone stops to say thank you for taking care of this once neglected and abandoned cemetery. We know that implementing our vision for this sacred space takes the support of our friends and descendants and for this we give you thanks. Thank you for your care and support!