Help us Reach our Goal for The Fondren Foundation 2021 Matching Grant Challenge image

Help us Reach our Goal for The Fondren Foundation 2021 Matching Grant Challenge

Preserve Historic McDaniel Street Cemetery in the Eastex/Jensen Community

$1,372 raised

$45,000 goal

/ 150


We are fundraising to match a 2021 challenge grant.

The foundation's matching funds will create a preservation-focused master plan combined with the goals of the Eastex/Jensen community. The master plan will provide a step-by-step approach to appropriate historic conservation and contain this basic information:

  • Historical narrative that conveys the physical development of the site and surrounding neighborhood {DONE}
  • List of persons buried there {DONE}
  • Any previous historic designations and/or archeological investigations on the site, as well as an evaluation of significance and recommendations for potential listing on the National Register of Historic Places and/or other historic designations
  • Description of the cemetery typology, topography, etc.
  • Cemetery preservations survey (not metes and bounds), including remote sensing and mapping of unmarked graves
  • Inventory of extant grave markers, symbology, current condition, and recommended treatment/conservation approaches
  • Inventory of other extant features (such as plot enclosures), current conditions, and recommended treatment approaches
  • Description of vegetation, including trees, shrubs, grasses, and any remaining cultural plantings, as well as their condition and recommended treatment approaches
  • Potential landscape design considerations (potentially including perimeter fencing, interpretive kiosk, walking path, seating, trash receptacles, lighting, etc.) and a conceptual landscape design plan
  • Sustainable financial strategies to manage the cemetery sensitively and legally during and post restoration
  • Disaster recovery planning information
  • Recommended implementation plan/schedule

We estimate that a total of $334,000 is needed over the next 5 years to professionally document, secure, and rehabilitate McDaniel Street Cemetery. This challenge grant represents 15% of the total project budget. The foundation's grant will be used toward the master plan and your support will be used to pay for some of the elements listed above once the plan is completed.